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Let’s fight the Coronavirus with exercise

CORONAVIRUS and exercise By Dr. Cazamed (  & @cazmed22) For many people,  exercise may be an occasional event, but for others, it is part of their daily routine. Here are some suggestions regarding how to use this "medicine" in the best...

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Coronavirus: What you should know

They are a family of viruses that have been known for many years. They live in animals: birds and mammals, mainly bats. Famous for being an animal-borne disease (zoonosis) that causes a third of respiratory and intestinal infections (they love the bronchi and gut) at certain times of the year (so-called «respiratory spikes»). They are almost as common as influenza.

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¿Is drinking coffee good or bad?

The question about whether drinking coffee is good or bad is quite common since some studies in the 1990s found that drinking coffee could be associated with some deleterious effects on health, however, we will analyze the latest results of scientific studies and We will draw a conclusion.

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An apple a day will keep your doctor away

Heart disease can get away with just one apple a day. If we could understand the importance of scientific findings related to the effects of apple on bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and other risk factors for health, then we would never let a day pass without eating...

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